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Meet the Artist- Jill Hardiman

Jordan Hardiman

First up in our Meet the Artist series is Jill Hardiman.  Jill is currently the main supplier for the handmade hip scarves featured on our site.  She has been crocheting for many years, and recently picked up belly dancing.  This dance experience has provided her with the insight to create beautiful and functional hip scarves.  We did a Q&A to get to learn a little more.

A hip scarf in process

A hip scarf in process

Tell us a little about yourself; how to you spend your free time?

I am a mother of two amazingly wonderful children that I am so extremely proud of!  I enjoy doing many things in my free time:  Going for rides on the Harley with my husband, driving my street rods, gardening (both flowers and vegetables), crocheting, scrap booking, taking photos, reading and spending time down the shore. My favorite thing to do is just spending time with my family.  

What is your day job and how did you get there?

During the day I am a Special Education teacher,  I work with students ages 16-21 that are transitioning into the work force.  I decided to go into Special Education for a few reasons;  in memory of my daughter, Paige and havingstudents with disabilities in my classroom while teaching Pre-K .  Wanting to work with and help individuals with disabilities became a huge passion of mine.  Thankful for the support of my husband and children, I went back to school to earn my degrees in Special Education and Early Intervention and am now fortunate enough to have a day time job that I love!

What let you to crocheting?

Growing up, my brother and I often had Friday night sleepovers at my grandparents house.  My grandmother came from a family of professional seamstresses, needless to say she would whip something up for us in no time at all.  She taught me how to sew, needle point, crochet and do many other crafts.  My mother also crocheted for a short period of time when I was little which reinforced my crocheting skills. 

How long have you been crocheting?

I would say that I have probably been crocheting since I was around ten years old. 

What inspires you when coming up with designs?

I like to be creative and use various materials while crocheting.  My inspiration comes from [my daughter] Jordan, I want her to be able to have one of a kind, quality pieces that fit in with her unique shop and personality.  When you see someone at a young age putting their heart and soul in to something that they are so passionate about, it inspires you to want to do more. 

What is your favorite piece you have created and why?

It is hard to say if I have a favorite piece, every time I create something new, that one becomes my favorite!  I think I may lean more towards the blue pieces.....

What is your favorite material to use?

Currently, I am using two types of yarn and am expanding on embellishments.  The yarns are equally easy to use and for embellishments, I would have to say I favor the larger ones versus the smaller. 

What are you looking forward to creating next?

I have some designs in my head that I am looking forward to creating in hip scarves, you will have to keep checking back to see them! 

Where do you hope to be in the future?

I the future I hope to be doing what I am right now.  When I eventually retire from my day job, I hope to continue working for Jordan at Eastern Dance Supply!


The artist, Jill Hardiman

The artist, Jill Hardiman